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  The meaning behind “HAVOC Hawaii” is exposing the different side of paradise. HAVOC Hawaii is a reflection of street lifestyle. This is what we want to share with you and continue to bring into light the realness of the streets.

  Our inspiration comes from the streets, night life, personal experiences and different points of views. Every design is carefully thought out and hand drawn. There are meanings to most of the designs and a video followed by it. Most videos are a reflection of with each drop; it is exclusive.

  We operate in Kalihi, a suburb area which is approximately 2.5 miles from the Honolulu City Center.  Known for its notorious past and the social stigma attached to it, Kalihi has built hard working people that learned to embrace life and understand the struggle was always real from the get go.

   HAVOC Hawaii understands the cost of living in Hawaii. We want you to look good without hurting your wallet. That’s why our gear is affordable and tough at the same time.



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